Evergreen Life DNA Genetic Testing Kit - Discover the inner you
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Discover the inner you

Improve your health and wellbeing with Evergreen Life DNA.

Our DNA is the foundation of who we are. It determines everything from how we look right through to how our body functions. By knowing more about our own personal DNA, we can make lifestyle choices to help improve our health and wellbeing based on our genetic makeup.

Evergreen Life DNA helps you understand how your genes influence up to four key areas of yourself: Diet, Metabolism, Fitness and Skin – with advice on what steps you can take to get the best out of your genetics.

Evergreen Life DNA – Diet Test

dietGo further than a diet plan and use our Evergreen Life DNA Diet Test to find out how your genetics might make you susceptible to the below traits, and what you can do about them:


•   Vitamin deficiencies

•   How quickly or slowly your body metabolises caffeine

•   Are you likely to have an adverse reaction to alcohol?

•   Tendency to overeat

•   And many more…

Evergreen Life DNA – Metabolism Test

metabolismYour metabolism has a huge impact on your weight and how well your body converts food to energy. Our Evergreen Life DNA Metabolism Test can help you understand how your personal metabolism influences factors such as:


  • How well your body breaks down fats and carbohydrates

  • Your natural risk of obesity

  • How metabolism affects your Body Mass Index (BMI)

  • And other factors…

Evergreen Life DNA – Fitness Test

fitnessWe all want to know about what exercise plan will work for us. Our Evergreen Life DNA Fitness Test can help you answer questions about how your body will respond to certain types of exercise, helping you get the most out of every workout:


•  Are you more likely to excel at endurance or strength training?

•  Do you have enhanced cardiovascular performance?

•  Are you likely to experience fat loss from endurance exercise?

•  How effective is your body at exercise recovery?

•  Plus other effects on your fitness…

Evergreen Life DNA – Skin Test

skinOur skin is one of our most important organs, and our DNA has a big impact on its makeup. The Evergreen Life DNA Skin Test can help you understand more about your own skin, such as:


•  Your skin’s sensitivity to UV light

•  The tendency of your skin to develop stretch marks

•  Your skin’s natural moisture

•  How your skin may age over time

•  And much more…

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